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Elite Line

Elite, the top line of Materassia, is the newest line that the company has designed specifically for those customers more demanding and always looking for maximum comfort, focusing on high-tech products, exclusive upholstery and sophisticated covers. 
In this line you will find exclusive models in high density memory foam and also with more breathability, such as the memory Air, born from extensive research and studies that represent a significant step forward in terms of comfort and rest. 
If you, instead, want to a more stable and balanced comfort, the HD memory, gives the correct support even in the presence of different weather conditions, and it is definitely the right choice 

Essence Line


Materassia , after extensive studies , has developed the line Essence. This refined line is the result of experimentation and research of advanced materials used to meet the specific needs of rest of each human being. 
The memory is a material, elastic and firm, obtained thanks to the delicate processes of expansion. It is perfectly capable of imitating the shape of the body, and besides having hypoallergenic characteristics, it gives the g reatest s upport i n m aintaining t he c orrect p osture of the spine and bloodstream. For each model of this line were defined with care : composition, density and quality of materials. 
Is during nighttime when most of the regenerative activities of the tissue take place; the body rebalances its resources, favored also by the position, the lack of physical activity and muscle relaxation. Not offering to the body a comfortable mattress that will able to sustain its forms with differentiated support and elasticity, it means that you will wake up with suffering joints, pressure points and blood stagnation; ultimately, you will not sleep well until you do not find the correct position; therefore, you will not have a good rest. 

Independent Springs Line

The Line of Independent Pocketed Springs by Materassia presents innovative solutions of spring mattresses with independent working springs which ensure a differentiated support according to the strain of body weight. The independent spring today, are the ideal solution for those customers who do not want to give up the comfort of a cozy mattress that adapts to the lines of the body, but at the same time they want the best from the product in terms of breathability. 

Materassia has divided its independently working springs mattresses into “ micro independent spring 1600 “ and “ 800 independent springs.” The micro springs suspension consists of a series of small springs individually pocketed, about “ 1600” micro springs, in the double bed version. The different thickness of the steel wire with which they are produced , from time to time, it allows to obtain structures with differentiated carrying capacity zones which ensure an appropriate support according to the strain of body weight during sleep. The independent spring suspension system instead, consists of a series of individually pocketed springs , about “800” in the double bed version, which makes the mattress compact and long-lasting, and being composed by differentiated carrying capacity zones provides a proper support to every single part of the body. The different number of springs has surely much affect on the comfort and ergonomic qualities of the mattress. 

Traditional Spring Line

Only by continuing focusing on innovation, that Materassia has fully developed the classic springs line, which will always be the perfect combination between tradition and renovation. The integrated wellness system proposed by this line is based on technological research and it gives rise to a wide range of high quality products, from traditional spring mattresses to the exclusive suspension of 500 springs for those who still prefer the traditional spring mattress without renouncing to an anatomical and correct support, and comfortable in the right places. 

The high quality raw materials chosen, combined with skilled manufacturing techniques ensure an incredibly satisfying relax. The belief that the firm mattress was the excellent solution of rest, it has fade by now, coming to the conclusion that complying with the body anatomy is the real revolution. Today, all the mattresses made by Materassia were conformed to this new directive of design. The high technology and quality of the materials used put these products on the front line in the rest field. 

Latex Line and Aquaterapy Line


The Latex Line is the result of the successful combination between nature and technology. It meets the needs of a sophisticated customer looking for natural and healthy materials that can insure balanced sleep. Selected materials manufactured with refined technical skills, guarantee a good rest and relaxation. 

Latex is a liquid extracted from rubber plant bark. When it has been solidified and turned into foam, through a vulcanization process, it comes into highly elastic, resilient and long lasting slabs. As well as supporting the spine perfectly, latex is hygienic and allergy-free because it is made of millions of small air pockets for a natural transpiration preventing the build-ups of bacteria. 


Since ancient times, water has been a symbol of youth, due to its regenerating and purifying properties, and it has been associated with divine, sacred and religious elements. Water has really changing features. It gives new form and life, it changes things; it is believed to disintegrate forms, purify and above all, regenerate. According to the tendency to “return to nature” we have tested new design solution and used excellent materials. In our products we offer the benefits of water itself making them a perfect regeneration means. You will adore the new sensation offered by Aquaterapy Line. 

Aquaterapy products have no metal elements, no spring unit or steel regulator. All mattress of this line are manufactured using water based acquapur avoiding magnetic risks due to the absence of metal devices and assuring an healthy and regenerating rest. The use and combination of different materials either for the composition, yield support, flexibility and carrying capacity, has made possible the creation of mattresses in pure Acquapur water based, able to satisfy any requirement of rest. 

Acquapur is a synthetic resin obtained in the lab, which through a process of vulcanization, gives origin to incredibly elastic slabs, resilient and capable of adapting to body lines. Thanks to its microcellular structure, expanded acquapur is the best thermal insulator and it is suitable for the mattress to ensure the best thermal qualities, hygiene and ergonomic.

Easy Line

At the center of the company’s production philosophy there is always the consumer: its sleeping comfort first, but also its specific needs and economic conditions. 
It is natural, therefore, the decision to complete Materassia p roduct l ine w ith p roducts m ore o riented t owards a lower price and easy to use. From here, the idea of this new Easy Line. A series of products with an excellent price-quality value, and more than anything else, available to any social class. Every product is designed and studied in detail in the respect of the environment and the quality that has always characterized Materassia. 

Contract Line

The Contract Line has been created to satisfy Hotels’ requests in order to offer their customers a product extremely comfortable and with excellent prices. This mattresses’ range is manufactured with innovative materials and durable supports all Made in Italy. 

Bed Bases



Materassia is synonymous of innovation. Today, in fact, it presents a new range of products totally renewed and treated in detail in terms of both quality and cutting-edge aesthetics of the product. 


The quality of the internal components and the high value of the upholstery are among the unique requirements of the mattresses Materassia. Each product is made from materials carefully selected by our specialists and provided by guaranteed and certified companies: polyurethanes , memory foma, and high- density latex- enhanced. 
All the materials used, besides having natural characteristics, are also hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant, and they privilege beauty and elegance of finishing in order to generate a refined product, completely in line with the design and the style of Italian life. The choice of the company to follow the evolution of technology and the changing preferences of the consumer, it brings us in time to study and implement new technical solutions and design that, even changing some aspects of the catalog, allow our products to remain at the forefront. 


The materials used for the upholstery of the artifacts are of a superior quality, all natural fabrics and they meet the highest standards of durability, comfort, breathability and hygiene.



From today on Materassia provides the possibility to further customize their mattresses choosing between the extraordinary fabrics made available by the company. Designed and developed to meet the needs of every consumer, Materassia proposes in its collections refined covers, fully removable, characterized by the tailoring of their finishing, from the exclusive design made with high tech machinery and the tri-dimensional hyper-transpiring band, for a continuous hair circulation to keep the mattress hygienic and fresh. 



The main objective of the company’s philosophy is to offer its customers the best product diversification through the personalized system of covers and hinges, very practical and functional, which provide a simple removable cover on all four sides . 
This makes sure that products Materassia have lines absolutely uniform, with a square perimeter, and that is totally differentiated from other products with a removable shell cover, guaranteeing a good sleep. The covers can be dry cleaned or machine wash, depending on the specific characteristics without altering the properties of elasticity, volume and softness. Even in the case of choosing a mattress in the a non- removable cover, Materassia which is certified ISO 9001, warrants all its upholstery who are hygienically advanced and previously treated with antibacterial Sanatized treatment. 



The antibacterial and antifungal Sanitized treatment consist of a revolutionary process to which all fabrics are subject to in advance during the manufacturing of mattresses. Thanks to it it is assured with surprising effectiveness the arising of bacteria on fabrics. 
This system is therefore, able to guarantee a constant absolute hygiene of the mattress, but also to prevent the unpleasant spreading of odors for a healthier and more comfortable rest .